Choose Authentic Health with Health Shepherds

If you’re tired of feeling sick, unhealthy, overweight, depressed, restless, or exhausted, it’s time to start making your personal health plan more authentic.

Combining the power of cognitive behavior, habit change and willpower, wholesome nutritional study, stress mastery techniques, and the science of sleep, Dr. Vickery and Health Shepherds can help you achieve your optimum level of health.

How can Health Shepherds help me?

  • Make the choice to become your best, healthiest self
  • Get expert advice from experienced medical professionals
  • Learn how to proactively take care of your body and mind
  • Explore free tips to customize your authentic health plan
  • Discover the 6 Key Health Habits in Dr. Vickery’s book, Authentic Health
  • Understand the myths and truths behind why we don’t feel good, what keeps us sick, and how the foundation of better health starts in the brain

What is a Health Shepherd?

In our modern society, sometimes it can feel as though our doctor or clinician isn’t connecting with us on a one-to-one level anymore. Visits feel shorter. There are more forms to fill out instead of human conversations. And most of all, there is often a corporate wall between you and personalized healthcare: insurance companies and their stakeholders want to treat your symptoms, not you.

Dr. Vickery is a health shepherd: a licensed, practicing medical expert who recognizes the good health possible within you. He can help guide you on your own deeper, uniquely personalized journey to help you understand the root causes of your discomfort and illness, and make vital changes to heal and become healthy.

It’s all about the journey. A health shepherd is focused on proactive care, not reactive solutions.

Who is this approach for?

Important Note: If you prefer a quick fix, a shortcut, a one-size-fits-all diet or fitness program, or you want to “lifehack” your health to see results now… Authentic Health is NOT for you.

The beauty of Authentic Health is the journey you embark upon to work from the innermost part of your brain to the outer self. Using Dr. Vickery’s principles from Six Key Health Habits, you’ll form life-changing positive behaviors that are true to you and your health goals.

  • If you are tired of being sick and suffering from chronic illness…
  • If you are unhappy with your weight…
  • If you are exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed…
  • If you don’t feel like your best self…

Then it’s time to make a choice. You have to desire better health. We can help you achieve it.

6 Key Habits of Health

Dr. Vickery’s book, Authentic Health, draws upon medical studies, knowledge, experience and cognitive behavioral science to explore 6 key habits that foster good health.

These habits can bring you closer to your best version of yourself, without forcing you to fit into a one-size-only health program. Let’s get started.



It all starts here. Mindset is the foundation. Before you think about nutrition, exercise, or sleep patterns, you have to train your most important organ: the brain.

Will Power


If you want to feel healthier, you need to build up the willpower to create change. Learn tips to improve your self-control without self-punishment or guilt.


Stress Mastery

Uncontrolled stress can remove years from your life. Stress is a part of everyone’s daily routine, but we can help you learn how to handle it with resilience.


Food & Nutrition

It’s time to restore your relationship with food. You don’t need a trendy diet…you just need to understand how nutrition fits your unique health goals.


Movement & Exercise

Does the word “exercise” make you roll your eyes? It’s time to rethink the fancy gym set-up and focus on vital, daily movement to stay energized and healthy.



As much as your body needs (and wants) to move, it also needs to rest. We’ll show you how to improve the quantity and quality of your sleep.

“After years of chronic pain and weight gain and trying one prescription medicine or fad diet after another, Dr. Vickery’s book changed everything. Suddenly I understood what was wrong and how to fix it—with this program for eating better, managing stress, moving my body, and finally sleeping well at night. I strongly recommend this book!”

“This is powerful stuff. Right now, you might not think that a positive mindset or stress management have anything to do with your health issues—but they do. Read this book. It will change how you care for yourself and, most importantly, how you feel each and every day.”

About Dr. Vickery

Dr. Gus Vickery is a board-certified physician, and is the founder and practice director of Vickery Family Medicine, an award-winning clinic based in Asheville, North Carolina. He is a public speaker and author of Authentic Health.


It’s time to learn the truth about better health.

In this straightforward, easy-to-use roadmap back to good health, Dr. Gus Vickery lays out a comprehensive program for addressing the habits and conditions that drive many of America’s painful chronic conditions.

From nutrition and physical activity to lesser-known but powerfully effective techniques for managing stress, sleeping well, and cultivating a sense of purpose, Dr. Vickery shows you how to claim the good health that’s within you.