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There’s More To Weight Loss Than Exercise

Physical Activity and Movement Part 8 Most people who decide it’s time for weight loss follow a standard protocol. It’s the one we’ve all been taught to do. Sign up for a training program or join a gym, and go on a specific diet. Now, I’m not saying this is bad. The before-and-after testimonials, and […]

What Should You Know About Endurance Training?

Physical Activity and Movement Part 7 I’m a fan of endurance training. I incorporate it as part of my physical activity profile and I like knowing I have the cardiovascular ability to run 5 miles or climb a mountain. I think most people would benefit from some form of endurance activity. It’s important to understand […]

What Do Genetics Have to Do with Exercise?

Physical Activity and Movement Part 6 In this post, we’re going to get into a little bit of science. We’re going to discuss the concept of genetics and epigenetics, and understanding your body’s individual design. Now the first big concept is something I’ve emphasized throughout the entire series: Our bodies are designed, meaning genetically adapted, […]

5 Myths About Physical Exercise We Can Put to Rest

Physical Activity and Movement Part 5 We’re going to stop and explore some of the myths about physical activity and human health. I’ve already discussed that the physical activity associated with long, healthy lifespans doesn’t necessarily involve heavy conditioning. I’m not opposed to, or criticizing those who engage in, intensive physical exercise regimens for the […]

5 Core Concepts for Your Movement Practice

Physical Activity and Movement Part 4 I’m going to go ahead and outline the general approach to physical activity that supports a long, healthy lifespan. I want to make sure you know what we’re covering, and give you some actionable steps. I do believe this preliminary material I’m providing you is foundational to developing a […]