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Is Your Heart’s Desire Leading You to Your Best Health?

Transforming Your Habits to Transform Your Health Part 2 It’s important to understand how change happens. One of the first principles is that it must be necessary. That might sound counterintuitive, but think about it. All change happens because of necessity. We have the capacity to affect change through positive and negative influences in our […]

The Mind Resists Change, So Do This Instead

So many of the books written about health, nutrition, and weight loss are written as though the audience is professionals on these topics. Professionals like to write books to each other. We create our theories based on data, consensus, and professional interpretations. This is important work. And these books are very helpful. Finding Answers For […]


Sending the Right Message

I just saw a patient this past week, and it made me think about the concept of sending our brain the right message for weight loss that I think is really important for you to grasp. The book, Authentic Health, describes this in a little more detail in the chapter on what it takes to […]


Are You Worth It?

Over and over again, as I try and help people identify the sources for their negative symptoms and diseases, we come back to nutrition. Each time, I outline the evidence that their preferred foods are in fact disease-causing agents. Their response is one of sadness. They feel as though they’re going to have to give […]

My Focus is Your Best Health

My main focus is your best health. I am after you feeling your best and experiencing your best health. I want you to be free from chronic diseases and any other factors that take your energy from you. How we arrive at that place is not my primary concern. There are many ways to arrive […]