The Lake Logan Conference Center holds its uniquely relaxing and informative annual Healthy and Holy Retreat the weekend of February 22-24, 2019. This year’s presenters include family doctor, Dr. Gus Vickery, M.D., and yogi Rosie Mulford.

Dr. Gus Vickery returns for the 2019 retreat following his warm reception in 2018 and informative down to earth talks. This year you can expect him to dive deep into discussions around chronic illness and reversal, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight without dieting, and incorporation of actionable steps for leading a life of health and feeling good. Dr. Vickery’s approach is influenced by mindfulness and incorporating spiritual practices into our daily lives.

Together with experienced yogi Rosie Mulford, you will learn how yoga is a powerful practice that integrates body and spirit. Through daily practice, the mind becomes calmer, and the connection to the divine becomes clearer, leading to better overall health and wellness.

The popular weekend respite includes delicious and nutritious meals, private accommodations, intimate talks with attendees and presenters, and a relaxing environment for meditation and devotion.

Participants are urged to register early for this unique retreat as it is expected to sell out! You MUST register to attend!

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Dr. Vickery appeared on ABC News 13’s Spotlight Carolina and discussed how to improve your mindset, master stress, increase your willpower, feel more well rested, eat better and lose weight, exercise and choose your Authentic Health with key habit resources.

Check out the video here:

Dr. Vickery was recently featured in The Biltmore Beacon. Check out an excerpt from the article here.

Gus Vickery, M.D., recently announced the publication of his new book entitled ‘Authentic Health.’ He describes it as a guide to losing weight, feeling better, mastering stress, sleeping well every night, and enjoying a sense of purpose.

The book is available nationally through, but Vickery says he wrote it primarily to serve the local community. He saw a need to give his patients a tool to answer their questions; a book that was simple, but provided answers.  “Outside of the medical community, most people don’t want to read the detailed scientific research, and books that promote quick solutions and fad diets don’t work.”

The first chapters of the book offer practical steps for achieving genuine health along with building the mindset to make it happen. The second half goes into more detail on nutrition, meditation, movement and sleep. 

“I believe, and research has shown, that the solution to our health problems lies in our habits,” he says. “No one consciously chooses to be sick; unconscious behaviors are shaped early in life.” The key to success, he says, is mindfulness – changing one’s thinking to alter self-destructive habits and create new ones in their place.